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Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment

Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality assessment based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality. The MBTI results identify important differences between healthy functioning people. The results will help you better understand your natural strengths and your potential areas of growth. It will also help you better appreciate people who are different from you.

The assessment is a self-report questionnaire consisting of multiple choice questions. It is important to note that there are no right or wrong answers, no better or worse results. The MBTI is an assessment not a test. It does not evaluate your personality, it simply explains natural patterns of behavior.


During the MBTI feedback session, you will receive a profile report of your results. There are many different versions of the MBTI profile report. All of the results give you the basics of your MBTI personality results, length and theme of the report can vary. Before taking the MBTI assessment, you will choose the report that best fits your needs. Depending on which report you choose, the assessment can take between 20min – 1hr to complete.

How is knowing my MBTI personality type beneficial?

MBTI: About Therapy

Self-Understanding & Individual Development

Understanding & Appreciating Each Other's Differences & Contributions

Career Development & Exploration

Work Style: Managing, Team-Building & Leadership

Enhancing Relationships

Communication, Conflict, Decision-Making & Stress Management Styles

How many MBTI Personality Types exist?

There are 16 MBTI personality types. Your personality type is expressed as a code consisting of four letters. Each letter represents your preference in each pair (Extraversion - Introversion / Sensing - Intuition / Thinking - Feeling / Judging - Perceiving). All personality types are equal. Knowing that there is no best type helps us appreciate differences in people.

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At Diwan Counseling, how does taking the MBTI Assessment work?

After you have expressed interest in taking the MBTI assessment I will send you a list of the different profile reports available to you. The list will include the name of each report, a description of each report, and the cost of each report (including the feedback session). To make your decision easier, I am happy to send you a sample of the profile reports and discuss the options with you. After choosing a report, I will send you a link to complete the assessment electronically. Once you have taken the assessment, we will schedule a feedback session. Before the feedback session, I will analyse your results and prepare the interpretation. At the feedback session, I will briefly explain Carl Jung’s theory of personality and we will discuss the four MBTI preference pairs. I will then give you the profile report with your results. You will look over the results and we will discuss them together. At the end of the feedback session, I will provide you with additional information about your MBTI personality type. If you have any questions left unanswered or you would like to continue the interpretation together, you are more than welcome to come back!

MBTI: About Therapy

Interested in the MBTI assessment (in-person or online)?

MBTI: About Therapy
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