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Individual Counseling

Working with individuals during sessions (in person and/or online) to promote optimum mental well-being. 


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What does a psychosocial counselor do?

Facing challenges throughout our lives is normal and completely human. During these times, a psychosocial counselor is a great resource to help people in need of emotional and psychological support. By addressing hardships with quality care from a psychosocial counselor, clients learn how to make good decisions about themselves, their careers, their relationships, and their future. 

Psychosocial counselors operate from a so-called “Wellness” Model (as opposed to an “Illness” one) which treats the clients’ natural response to circumstances. The goal is to maximize the client’s potential and as a result improve mental well-being. During sessions, the client determines their own short-term and long-term goal(s). Client and counselor collaborate together to achieve them.


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